Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Twitter Genealogy

Yet another new twist for genealogical researchers ...

Be sure to check out the Genealogy Twitter Reader

'GenealogyInTime™ is a free online genealogy magazine. It is supported by readers like you who click on ads.

Content – All of our content is 100% original. We always strive for quality content.

Philosophy – We present original genealogy content in a creative and innovative manner. This is what distinguishes us from other genealogy websites. It is also what helps our readers overcome genealogy brickwalls (a brickwall is when you get stuck tracing your ancestors).

History – We launched our magazine in December 2008. We are now one of the top online genealogy magazines in the world.

Logo – Our logo can be found on the top left corner of every web page. It represents several generations of a family in time.' ~ GenealogyInTime

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