Friday, December 15, 2006

Ancestor Searching Newsletter

May, 2006
Volume 1, # 2

Big Plans and New Addition!

This month I’ve got not ONE but TWO REALLY BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS that should be of interest to everyone!!

You may have heard someone else comment in the Heritage Room, “ If ya’ll will just make sure the doors are locked, I would LOVE to spend the night up here working on my research.”


The Huntsville Heritage Room is VERY pleased to announce the FIRST annual genealogy night to fulfill all of those wishes of working on genealogy well into the night.

On Friday, June 2nd, the Heritage Room will be hosting “Sitting Up With The Dead: Genealogy For Night Owls” starting at 6 PM and going to Midnight. Doors will open at 5:45 PM for registration and packet information. The program will include supper, refreshments, gifts and door prizes. Seating WILL be limited so sign up EARLY!

Also included will be the availability of research help in the form of volunteers with experience in lineage research, county records, vital statistics and computer genealogy who will assist you with any questions you may have during the evening.

Genealogical and historical books will be offered for sale (GREAT PRICES) … AND… even though library computers will be available, bring your laptops! You can key-in your research right away to your ancestor software program or computer notepad.

All of this for a cost of $20.00/person. Checks and registration forms MUST be received NO LATER than May 26th. For further information, you can contact the Heritage Room staff at 532-5969. All proceeds will benefit the Heritage Room collection.


The second BIG NEWS for those who may still be unaware… the Tennessee Valley Genealogical Society will be hosting their annual genealogical seminar THIS Saturday, May 6th from 9 AM to 4 PM in the auditorium of the Huntsville Public Library. The speaker will be Teresa Farris, author of ’From England - To Barbados - To Carolina, 1670 - 1700: The Founding of Charles Town’, who will be presenting programs on South Carolina research and will try to assist with ‘those cases you’ve been struggling with’ (to quote the TVGS flyer). ‘One on one discussions with the guest speaker’ will be from 3:30 - 4:00 PM!

Lunch, coffee and refreshments will be included as well as book displays and door prizes. The registration fee for this all day seminar is $ 35.00.

So there you have it! Two WONDERFUL genealogical opportunities to experience!!

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A new feature in the newsletter this time is what I am calling ’The Genealogy Workbook’. In future editions of the ’Workbook’ , I will be offering those facts and tips I mentioned in the last newsletter. To start off in this issue…

FACT: If your research goes back ten (10) generations (approx. 300 - 350 years), you have 1,024 ancestors.

TIP: Watch out for the terms “Sr.” and “Jr.” in documents. It may not necessarily indicate a father and son relationship. Many times, it was used to distinguish between two people in an area with the same name. They could be related as uncle and nephew or other manner, or not even related at all. When they were related, when “Sr.” died, “Jr.” often became “Sr.” and if the later died and also had a son by the same name, that son would become “Jr.”

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